Academic Enrichment

Integrated and Innovative Teaching Learning Programme
Broad And Balanced, Child Centred, Creative And Comprehensive, Futuristic Curriculum, Embedded With Internationalism To Prepare Them To Face Global Challenges.


To make the learning process truly meaningful and holistic, highly interactive and effective approach has been adopted. JBM advocates amalgamation of different teaching strategies, essential to develop inherent talents. 'Learning by doing' based on exploration and experimentation supported by 'smart class' with rich content, supplemented with regular teacher training and exposure to foreign language, make it relevant, application based & practical.

At Pre-Primary Level

The learning program outlines a detailed & structured framework of content that is comprehensive but completely flexible. Development of key skills- Motor, Cognitive & Affective.

At Primary Level

Montessori pedagogy. Thematic & activity based curriculum celebrates the uniqueness of every child. It is designed to nurture the child in all dimensions instilling love of learning that will remain with the child through all stages of formal education.

At Middle Level

Developing analytical & critical thinking skills & furthering knowledge in the core subjects are the key words in middle school. Curriculum takes full account of exposing the child to strike a balance in individual & social development. It also helps to explore their interests & passions.

At Secondary Level

Acquiring & applying knowledge & concepts, learning new behaviors & skills through project based learning, exploring attitudes, values, perspectives on a problem & solutions to complex issues

At Senior Secondary Level

Focus on core subjects. Integrated learning approach for classes XI & XII ensuring excellent board results & outstanding performance in IIT, JEE/ Medical entrance. Coaching done by highly competent IITian faculty. The curriculum also helps to develop their abilities, aptitudes, interests & ability to face the challenges of global competitiveness


Guidance in International Olympiads
International Math Olympiad (IMO), International Science Olympiad (ISO), International Cyber Olympiad (ICO).

  • Project Based Learning
  • Power-point Presentations
  • Online Assignments
  • Peer Group Learning
  • Highly Productive Remedial

JBM'S Worldwide Curriculum

A new approach to holistic learning, JBM GLOBAL SCHOOL curriculum aims at evoking the quest in a child to search answers to the unknown and to construct the logical promise for the same. Academic excellence, therefore, is the means and not the end to effective learning like other international schools in Delhi NCR.

Under this system, a unique curriculum has been designed keeping in mind the latest national and international trends as well as the changing needs of the society. The curriculum isn't static but ever evolving. It empowers children in every aspect – cognitive, psychological, social and physical. Thereby, helping each student to develop a wholesome personality for success in future.

The faculty in consultation with various experts along with Academicians, has designed innovative & flexible curriculum that balances academic rigour with practical relevance.

JBM Global School, World of Empowerment

*Children must be empowered in all spheres: mental, physical, emotional and social.
*Empowerment at the elementary level, upto 6 years of age: The children of this age group are coming away from the security and warmth of their home. So, the first task for facilitators is to help children make a smooth transition from home to school. Once children become comfortable in their new environment, they can begin to master the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic. Simultaneously, they develop social skills required to adjust with peers, and develop a value system. To this end, an enriched curriculum provides for a variety of experiences through story telling, role play, counting games, group activities, art, music, field excursions, puppet shows and sports.

Over the years, this empowerment of the children shall be extended to upper primary, middle school and senior school students. This empowerment will also help in solving the problems of adolescence.

We pray to God and seek his blessings in all our pursuits for the welfare of the student-community. May it be so!