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In the modern education environment school plays a pivotal part of life. In progressive schools learners actively participate, they become planners and problem solvers and any decision making is shared by all the related people involved. JBM Global School is one of the few progressive schools in Noida which focuses on the unique needs of the students and gives holistic education for overall development of the child. Objective to build a generation of global leaders - JBM Global School with an objective to create inspiring leaders who are also game changers and therefore has step forward towards progressive education by embedding integrated skill based programme with school curriculum. JBM aims in giving the child inner strength and provides a favourable environment to grow, learn and become a worldwide citizen. To ignite overall learning successfully our school is making an attempt to transform classroom education towards gaining knowledge through talent based hands-on experience. JBM Global School focuses on holistic learning which is not just books but interconnected and explicable education which makes a child merge as a holistic person. The 21st century children have lot of space in mind and JBM Global School aims in engaging the mind in a constructive manner. Therefore we have come up with following skill based programmes

Innovative Arts Program -
Children are born dramebaaz. They have natural dramatics feature and with a quality grooming they can do wonders while performing on stage. The management at JBM in partnership with GAIT has come up with this program to empower creativity in students. The primary aim is to groom JBMites in artistic and innovative talents while honing the below mentioned attribute • Pioneering and widening creativity thinking – to foster interdisciplinary approach of learning art based learning is highly recommended. This helps the children explore the non artistic topics such as management in a creativity and interesting way. • Organised and structured set of courses – as the curriculum is structured and prearranged the entire set of courses are imparted systematically. • Inculcation of flexibility and imagination- puppet making, mime, story building are only few of the various activities which amplify the creative mind. • Enhancing emotional and psychological skills – using visualisation, gesture, emotions with puppet and many more techniques psychometric skills can be developed.

Astronomy program –
Watching the sky is one of the favourite activities of children however as we are living in this concrete world hence we rarely get a chance for sky observation. In partnership with Space India, JBM Global School has planned a curriculum to empower the scientific temperament of the students. There are regular class sessions with monitored progress through competitions and exhibitions. This program is extremely rewarding as the children bond closely with the universe and is connected through community engagements like special assemblies, excursion midnight sky watch and many more. Robotics Program – to empower technology and mathematics JBM has introduced STEM program that is Science Technology Engineering & Mathematics, a platform for the children to explore mechanisms and build machines. There is no full stop but only comas in education and hands on learning through lego harness a child’s mind. In partnership with New Robos, JBM Global School has come up with regular classroom sessions where the activities are monitored and feedback is given. In our school we have a standalone lab with age appropriate curriculum. It gives an immense pleasure and confidence to observe our children design, manufacture, structure and apply this temperament.

Genius Maths Program –
We all have played with Rubic’s cube but did it ever occur that it enhances problem solving skills! JBM Global School made Mathematics any child’s play. In partnership with AVAS Vedic arithmetic is combined with ABACUS for a 3600 brain development. To empower mathematics skills it is important to understand the basics. In today’s day to day activities we are highly dependent on calculators whereas Abacus is a manual method of calculating and in a systematic process it enhances mental calculations. On the other hand, Vedic maths is not just about calculation it goes deep into the magic of numbers and has strong interconnection of basic principles. This program enhances cognitive development, speed accuracy, decision making and most importantly it helps those children to be keen on mathematics who once had math phobia. Therefore with this Genius Maths Program JBMites will have a better foundation of mathematics and will have a bigger picture of numbers than just calculations.

Sports and Fitness Program -
It is not only about the mind but also the body that need to be fit for an overall development. Keeping the fitness factor in mind management at JBM Global School has prepared and provided opportunities to develop sports acumen. Our endeavours are academies for cricket, basketball, soccer, shooting, tennis, billiards, karate and skating. We often organise sports clusters and zones under CBSE management interschool sports and games competitions which offer incredible exposure for students to sports activities. One hour everyday is dedicated to sports and JBMites from classes Play way to XII have this opportunity to participate in structured games which is supervised by competent sports coaches.

In this 21st century it is essential for schools to see the child’s curiosities, abilities, learning style and direct them towards a future where they can work for their passion and have a purposeful life. JBM Global School has a holistic approach beyond academics and gives an unparallel experience. We try to create real life experience, current events, and dramatic art so that teachers kindle the love for gaining overall knowledge. JBM Global School reflects assurance to standards of progressive schools like attending the child in overall way, imparting education in a compassionate community, collaborating with other educational and knowledge organisations and encouraging proactive learning.

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