JBM endeavours to nurture :

  • Intellectually vibrant.
  • Emotionally mature.
  • Socially conscious.
  • Physically fit students

Given the passionate pursuit to all round excellence, it is no surprise that JBMites are:

  • Excelling and outperforming themselves
  • Exceeding their own expectations
  • Becoming wiser, stronger, lifelong learners and achievers.

Every child is unique with his own set of skills and talent. Each one carries the blueprint of his life within him. For this, the best international school in noida provides a bigger platform for the extra curricular activities that tend to enhance the innate talent in the students. Such activities provide opportunities for leadership and character building. Keeping this in mind, various cultural activities are introduced.

Art: Art is a popular subject to encourage individuals to explore and develop their creative potential. The art room in the school has excellent facility for painting, art and craft, puppetry, sculpture, fabric designing and tie and dye.

Music: Music room is equipped with various instruments like guitars, sitar, drums, tabla, piano, harmonium, and flutes for the students.