At JBMGS, we not only value academics performance, but we also value educational outings. Expeditions and adventure tours, educational tours and picnics are organized for the benefit of the student. They also see plays, concerts, movies and sport events in and around the school. Besides picnics and excursions to places of historical interests and trips to hill stations, we provide a wide exposure to supplement what is taught in the classroom.

Campaigns, fishing, trekking and rafting expeditions are organised with atleast one major trip taken by all students to take full advantage of the natural beauty of the area. The importance of these adventurous activities cannot be undermined as they offer students an experience to face hardships and challenges of life and also inculcate in them a spirit of adventure and love for wildlife and nature. Camps also provide a splendid opportunity for the teachers to get to know their children much better, through greater and personal interaction and to understand the other facets of their personalities, which are so difficult to observe in the classroom. Likewise, children also learn to communicate with each other and their teachers at a more informal level.

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