ISA- International School Award

JBM accredited with ISA- International School Award started by British Council , a kaleidoscopic program that facilitates undertaking of international educational and cultural practices and fosters brotherhood between the nations and creates creating opportunities for learning an international dimension to all subjects, maintenance of correspondence with schools from other parts of the world, providing opportunities to the students to travel and meet people from varied backgrounds, explore & appreciate various cultures in the world.

The exposure provided to the children, not only widened their spectrum of learning but also developed a complete global outlook in them and, gave each one of them a remarkable sense of achievement.

It will be schools' endeavor to maintain enthusiasm and commitment generated during execution of ISA activities for all times to come

  • Explore the possibility of finding new partners in other countries and have more interesting and productive activities with them.
  • As an educational institution JBM shares its responsibility and contribution to enhance International peace and understanding. It will make concerted efforts to develop global outlook in its students.
  • It also endeavors to sensitize its students to the global issues, consequently making the world a better place to live in, for all.
JBMS global Noida International School Award