From 73th year to 74th year

From 73th year to 74th year

India is the cradle of the human race, the birthplace of human speech, mother of history, the grandmother of legends, and the great grandmother of tradition. This day is important in the history of India as it marked an end to the British colonial rule in India. In the midnight of 15 August 1947, the British ministry gave the nation back to the Indian. It was the mark of the renaissance in India, a new start for us. 15 August 1947, the memorable date, on which the tricolour flag of the nation was unfurled by India’s first Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru on the Red Fort that is glorious.

India is in continuous working mode from last 72 year and achieved a lot for the betterment of mankind. And let’s work with more passion and dedication in our 73 th year of independence.For:-

• Self-reliance

• An enormous progress in industrial sector, agricultural sector, health and hygiene sector

• Services growing day-by-day

• Employment gives multiple opportunities to the youth leads to bring down employment curve downwards.

• Progress from the invention of zero to Chandrayaan 2

• Education system serves as a backbone of any country’s development.

It’s a fundamental right to get free and compulsory education to all up to 14 years of age in our country.

Each year schools in Noida celebrated the flag hoisting, organized the cultural event, to boost the morale of their students. They pay tribute to freedom fighters, celebrated the spirit of freedom because the love for their nation, their country and their people is alive in their hearts always. Cultural event activities take students closer to their roots and fill them with the passion of patriotism which should not be decreased in our present generation. Students of good schools in Noida are working progressively to inspire the young generation to serve the nation by their hard work. They have a full-blown Independence Day celebration each year to inculcate values to take the nation ahead on a path of glorious progress and development. And let our nation, its security, and the sanctity of its freedom be our guiding light in this noble endeavour. The most important learning out of all is to be grateful and humble to each and all on this Earth.

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