Mindfulness for Evaluation

Mindfulness for Evaluation  
Manage life by Managing time

A minute lost Is a minute lost forever As time cannot be accumulated Mortgaged, hastened or retrieved. Time is one of the most Precious resources It is probably the only one That once lost can never be retrieved. Know the true value of time Snatch, seize and Enjoy every moment of it. Therefore, No idleness, no procrastination

We all know that students in one particular class have the same teacher teaching the same content to everyone in her period. But still, there are many reasons why one individual performs better than another. One of the major reasons is the difference in time management. One individual has clear targets in mind while others just drift along doing things at random. JBM Global School is among the top 10 schools in Noida where teachers prepared a hierarchy to manage time for their students.

  • Urgent and important work.
  • Urgent but not important work.
  • Important but not urgent work.
  • Neither important nor urgent work.

We must divide our activities into these four groups and learn to give them priority accordingly. We should always have a clear picture or plan in our mind before doing anything. Begin with the end in mind. The main factor to manage time is to prioritize your needs, based on their urgency and importance. We generally have a misconception of studying the whole book on the eve of the examination. But in reality, continuous practice is a must. Regularity is the keyword. Students of schools in Noida Expressway guided to plan their time-table as per their habits and stamina only, for efficient time management try to be consistent and give sincere efforts and all depends on the part of your living. “The right moment to do anything is now. This moment is the golden moment, use it. Here are some tips:-

*Practice estimating time to complete tasks, make checklists and prioritize tasks

*Keep a daily schedule posted 

*Set goals and use a visual timer during working sessions

*Identify and reduce distractions

*Learn, practice and discuss in routines

*Practice strategies for moving on when stuck*Learn skills for staying organized and tidy

Always remember, time once lost cannot be got back. We do not have a time machine. Time passes in a one-way direction. So stop pro-crastigating and act right now, for the right moment to anything is this

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