Platform to build & explore machines and mechanisms

JBM Robotics program with age appropriate curriculum provides a platform to build and explore machines and mechanisms.

Embedded in the school curriculum in standalone labs, the program connects students to the real world encourages them to discover and develops research based aptitude.

Learning together, discovering together, team work and accepting challenges are the other positives associated with the program.

In partnership with Neo Robots, the program is based on STEM – Science Technology Engineering & Mathematics with regular monitoring and feedback to the parents.


Empowering Technology & Innovation

STEM – Science Technology Engineering & Mathematics

Platform to build & explore machines & mechanisms

➼ Inculcate team work

➼ To find solutions

➼ To learn together

➼ For friendly competitions 

➼ To discover

➼ To connect to real world

➼ challenges

➼ for research based apptitude


Well planned age appropriate curriculum.

Regular classroom sessions.

Monitoring & feedback to the parents.

Lab programmes in standalone lab (school)

Hands on learning through LEGO.

Design, manufacture, application & structured disposition.

In partnership with Neo Robos