Q1. What are the curriculums offered at JBM?

Ans. Both Cambridge & CBSE till IV from session 2017-2018. CBSE V- XII (Registration no. 2131249)

Q2. What is the student teacher ratio in the school?

Ans. 20:1

Q3.What should regular feedback to the parents?
  • Regular feedback to the parents.
  • Specific suggestions to the parents to seek their involvement in remedial work.
  • Remedial after school as and when required.
  • Remedial during sports hour, if required.
  • Regular feedback from the buddies and surrogate mothers.
  • Q4. What are the languages taught in school?

    Ans. English, French, Hindi & Sanskrit.

    Q5. How do you share the progress graph of the student?

    Ans. Through regular interactions, parents-teachers meet; frequent care calls by the teachers if
    required & the open ear policy. The last but not the least is the communication via almanac.

    Q6. What is the policy of school regarding Home Work?

    Ans. We are certain that if a student devotes time to recapitulate at home, the concepts learnt,
    taught or acquired in the school, he does not lag behind. A reasonable amount of home work is
    assigned in primary classes daily however middle school is assigned work daily according to the
    home work schedule.