JBM Global School - Best Nursery School in Noida Extension

Sprawling in 10 acres of lush green Wi-Fi enabled campus with enriching environment highly conducive to learning.

JBM Global School is one of the top and progressive international schools in Noida and other regions of National Capital Region. It has made its mark through tremendous achievements in both scholastic as well as non-scholastic activities.

The main mission of our school is to provide great opportunities to all kids. We actually believe that all kids are unique and special and are blessed with some immense potential. Being one in the list of top schools on Noida Expressway, JBM provide many facilities in order to make kids comfortable with the learning environment. Apart from academics, there are many extra-curricular activities that are provided by us, in order to boost up the morale and confidence of the students. JBM Global School provides different kind of facilities in their school, to make their school in the list of Best Nursery Schools in Noida. Let’s give some light on its facilities.

The Role of Technology: All our schools are fully technologically empowered right from teaching methods to parent follow-ups, as this helps to maintain a proper record of every single function that is performed in school. We make full use of technology, social media and other means electronic communications that are used for easy access of parent’s feedback functioning.

E-learning methods: The school is equipped with interactive whiteboards and LED screens which helps the students to grab things easily, and make them enjoy what they are learning. Teachers and students have easy access to educational resources which helps to promote cross-circular links.

Library: The school library is well equipped with fiction, non-fiction, newspapers and magazines, also updated through an online-program of renewal. E-library function helps to optimal use of library facilities.

Medical: JBM Global School has good medical facilities when it comes to the medical care of the students. The medical room is supported by fully qualified nurses and doctors. The school has proper arrangements for taking care of every primary need of the students.

Sports and Games: Physical activities like sports and games are disappearing from every student’s life because of the mobile phones and video games are over empowering. Insufficient outdoor space, inadequate times for parents etc. these kind of factors disorganize the diet of the children, further lead to physically inactive kid. We understand these situations, during the school working hours, apart from intensive classroom learning, students also get enough time to indulge in physical activities that help them to become strong and active.

Location: JBM Global School is centrally located with ease of access from Delhi, Noida and Ghaziabad. It is just five to ten minute drive from Noida Expressway. The location of the campus gives number of significant advantages. Easily accessible from Delhi, the location is connected by excellent roads and world class highway that ensures a safe and comfortable journey for the child.

The infrastructure of the school matters. You do not require your child’s school to look like it is poorly maintained. JBM is the good school in Noida which you can choose and remember that we can help your kid to find his/her talent.

Since the kid has to concentrate on so multiple tasks on a given day, it may be a good idea to pick a school that is not too far away from home. Asking other parents for suggestions will also help you in your decision-making process. Seldom parents of children from the same school might have varying opinions depending on how well their child is adjusting to the given environment.

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Ques 1: What precedes education?

Ans: We at JBM Global School, believe that empathy and acceptance precedes education.

Ques 2: What kind of relationship do you maintain with the parents?

Ans: We believe in developing collaborative honest and direct relationship with the parents.

Ques 3: What is your educational priority for the child of your school?

Ans: Child is the focal point and everything is designed prioritizing child’s needs. We believe academics, culture, values, health, physical, mental & psychological needs are interwoven & curriculum is designed around it for the child.


Thank You for submitting your information. Please pay Registration Fee to complete Registration Process.