Time to beat Examination Stress

Exams are just to assess how much we are learning. We may think that we know everything but it all gets clears with the examination result. We need to learn the techniques which increase our efficiency in the examinations. Perfect preparation, a burning desire to succeed and skill in these two techniques are the essential things to keep in mind. One can never learn and understand each and every thing just a day before the examination, continuous practice and revision is needed to perform well. Students should learn to manage their time well to keep their energy and attention under control. Perfect preparation does not come easily. You must have to study and understand each and every concept coming in syllabus, because many are interconnected.

Willingness to do something is very important. A strong desire is a prime requirement in a student to perform well in examinations. Best schools in Noida emphasis to work hard as if someone had challenged you to do an impossible job. Then, brain had accepted the fact that you could do it, and you acquired the habit of success. Therefore, to succeed one must want to succeed. One must shun negative thought, and should have determination and confidence in oneself. This is all what is required to score well in any examination either in school or in life.

Schools in Noida come up with some helpful tips for their students before examination such as:-

*Eat healthy & nutrient food, avoid junk snacks and stay health.

*Never compare yourself with others, we all have different calibre.

*Time yourself, Plan thing in advance, so you do not have to rush.

*Don’t resort too much to imp’s.

*Get yourself organized beforehand.

*Solve all revision paper’s and previous year papers

*Get the paper corrected by your teacher

*Use flow charts to memorise all the points of a particular chapter/ Topic.

*Avoid discussing questions and answers just before and after the exam.

*Sleep well and avoid late nights.

*Always remember- You the champion, You are the Best, You can do It.

That’s the reason CBSE schools in Noida always encourage students for regular studies because: “Studying each day is more effective than studying for an extended period of time in one day.” One should always have a progressive and positive approach towards studies because it doesn’t matter what others are doing. It matters what YOU are doing.

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