Vedic Math

Shunning Maths Phobia & enhancing cognitive skills

JBM initiated Genius Maths Program (Abacus & Vedic Maths) to enhance visualization, concentration, memory retention, speed accuracy & decision making consequently enhancing cognitive skills of the student’s performance.

By empowering mathematical skills, it has not only helped students shunning Maths phobia but also has helped in 360o brain development with the help of tool – Abacus kit.

In partnership with AVAS, it has prescribed learning programs as Level1 & Level2. Qualifying certificates are also provided to the students.


Empowering Mathematical Skills

AVAS – ABACUS & Vedic Arithmetics Studies

➼ Visualization & Concentation

➼ Speed Accuracy & Decision making

➼ Shunning Math Phobia

➼ Memory Retention

➼ 360° Brain Development

➼ Enhanced Cognitive Performance

In partnership with AVAS