JBM is one of the schools at Noida that believes that Clubs are a great way to help develop the character and the skills like commitment, teamwork, leadership, effective communication in a student. We possess five clubs under which plethora of activities, rallies, talk shows, visits and workshops are conducted.

Health Club

Striving on the motto, “Health is wealth and healthy mind resides in the healthy body”, Health Club teaches children how to remain healthy and positive. We believe that health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well being and not mere absence of any disease. To sensitize the students about good nutrition and  healthy way of life the club organizes different intra and inter class competitions such as cooking with children …., Healthy Breakfast, Happiness Quotient Test and Talk Shows on ‘Greatest Wealth is Health’

Road Safety Club

Road Safety Club focuses on the issues related to traffic congestion, accidents, rash driving, people not following traffic rules, speaking on mobile phones and not wearing seat belts while driving. These issues are of utmost importance and for this we conduct open discussions and talk shows on Road Safety. Our educators conduct peer to peer interactions in classes not only this different competitions like poster making, power point presentations are also conducted categorically.

Environment Club

The main objective of the Environment Club is to sensitize the students about environmental issues, increasing pollution and instill a sense of responsibility to protect and preserve the environment. Here the club members actively lead and participate in different environment activities conducted in the school. Different theme based activities are conducted such as My Plant: ‘The Healthiest Plant’, Poster making, tree plantation, Quiz on Environment etc. We spread the notion to follow 4R’s Rethink, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle and started a movement Greenofest -Go Green before Green Goes. A Marathon (1km, 3km,5km &10km) ‘Run for Environment with JBM’ was organized with a prime objective to enhance awareness regarding sustainability of our degrading environment. The Marathon was open for the students, parents, teaching & non teaching faculty and distinguished guests. Visits are also organized to enjoy nature walks, Waste Water Treatment Plant (Yamuna Treatment Plant) etc.

Disaster Management Club

Disaster Management Club ensures safety of Children, faculty and staff members during disaster. Our aim is to reduce, or avoid, the potential losses from hazards. To sensitize the students regarding disaster management special assemblies are conducted wherein they are told not to panic, to keep patience, go to safe place etc. Different mock drills (fire safety and first aid )are also conducted to aware the students how to act during crisis. Important safety tips are shared with them.  In this regard students spread awareness through different activities such as preparing ppt’s and videos, Essays, Slogans etc.

Community Club

We believe that to build strong character, values are defined, maintained, promoted and disseminated. The club provides an opportunity for students to participate in altruistic activities such as ‘Sharing and Caring- The very Fabric of Our Society’, Be a Santa wherein the students help destitute children that cultivate a sense of empathy.Regular sessions with spiritual leaders from Akshardham Temple, Chinmoy Mission and Ramakrishna Mission, Delhi help enhance children’s focus and improvement in overall behaviour under GSP- Guest Speaker Programme.