The management of the school with high standing and repute, firmly believes that the student council with health brigade as its integral part instils certain values like teamwork, leadership, decision making, confidence, self-esteem, enhancement of communication skills etc. in its students which are essential for the holistic development of its student.

Ms. L. Arora


Knowledge breeds politeness 

The chairperson of the school, an enlightening source for all, synthesis of spiritual values, with strong determination and will power, is an immense support to the institution and an inspiration to reach great heights.

Service to the society in any form is service to the Nation and service to the needy is service to GOD. An extremely dedicated teaching faculty is working day and night to mould the students to better shape and I am very much satisfied that the school is on the right track and progressing ahead day by day. The school is moving towards new and wider horizon.

In today’s fast changing environment, the education has to keep pace with time. JBM is one such school which provides highly stimulating learning environment to help students recognize their inherent potential, instills values, exposes them to the world outside & helps them to chase their dreams. As the world is shrinking & boundaries are fading, there is a dire need to have a new generation with global outlook, reflected in its attitude & values. 
As an educational institution of 21st century, we acknowledge our obligation to cultivate a new generation, that is capable of accepting environmental, social & economic challenges ahead & with conviction I can say that I can draw upon the strength of larger JBM family to propel us to such an inspiring future.

Mr. Gurudutt Arora

Managing Director

Our School Manager is an extremely innovative and energetic leader, dedicated completely to the upliftment of school. He possesses strong qualities of head & heart. His exceptional leadership qualities, dynamism and unwavering commitment to excellence continue to guide and inspire.

Message : It was always in my heart that there should be a school which aims at the synthesis of spiritual values and scientific achievements, whose educational programme should have the concept of new standards & complete development, where the students aim at higher and higher achievements and be successful wherever they go with pride and say JBM has it all. We, at JBM believe that a well-developed personality is the upshot of education, which lays emphasis on academics, sports, cultural and moral values. School is committed to honour the wonderful traditions of its past and strives to stay on the leading edge of innovation.

Dr. Upma Arora


We, at JBM GLOBAL SCHOOL, strive to achieve excellence in all our pursuits for the holistic development of children under our care. We strive for an ideal academic environment, with the will and skills to chisel their positive personality traits and to hone their latent talents.

A balanced approach and combination of sports, music, dramatics, dance and computers with academics, completes the picture of overall growth of personality.

It is our sincere endeavor to send out from our prestigious institute, future citizens, who shall be proud of their heritage and culture, who shall grasp with confidence the future technologies and who shall attain a well balanced personality and character and above all shall serve their country in the best possible way.

Mrs. Nalini Bahl

Director Academics

Today we stand poised on the threshold of a new era- an era of change in dynamics of education. The educational ventures are changing. We all know the education is central to the lives of young people as it involves development of physical or cognitive skills, acquisition of knowledge and shaping the values, attitude and beliefs. The future of a country rests on the shoulder of the youth to build a strong nation. 
The school management of high standing and repute with strong vision, not only is providing the students with cutting edge in technology, but also aims at edifying students about the worth of honesty, dignity and justice. The management has fostered scholastic and co- scholastic programmes, in which values are defined, maintained, promoted, disseminated and are considered achievements. The school is proud of the facilitators- the teaching faculty, which goes beyond imparting information and is well versed with emerging trends and challenges of the present times providing personal attention.

As parents and teachers, we owe our children, opportunities to become all that they can become, to value themselves, to be self-reliant, to be free from stress, to be able to live peaceful lives, to celebrate the moment, to fulfill their higher needs and to feel a sense of purpose in this world.

We must be able to model what we are attempting to teach and understand that every individual belongs to a league. We must recognize the individuality of our children as each child is different, special and should be valued. Each child is worthy of our unconditional love and needs to be encouraged.

Dr. Seema Bhandari


Children are beautifully designed, by nature, to direct their own education which is what we strive for. For most of human history, children educated themselves through observing, exploring, questioning, playing and participating. These educative instincts still work beautifully for children who are provided with conditions that allow them to flourish. If your child has a high aptitude or passion in a certain discipline, we motivate them to develop that aptitude.​

​Active Imagination – Children have such active imagination & when children are encouraged they almost automatically live with purpose, passion, and exuberance. We have devised easy and fun ways to teach our students how to use the Law of Attraction in their daily lives.

Attitude of Gratitude – We encourage our students to be grateful and happy for what they already have as they must learn to value what they have from their early years with a stress on social responsibility.

Power of words – We teach our children the power of words. Then, introduce them to affirmations and how these can help their self-confidence.There is nothing more discouraging than hearing a little one say “I can’t” when they have not even tried.

Giving and Receiving – It is important and not limited to quantum physics; we know that sharing is an important skill for young kids to learn. For instance, when we teach a child to share their knowledge or toys, we are teaching them to let go of the feeling of attachment or possession even if temporarily.

Focus – Focus and belief is paramount in education, as children grow up and their abilities awaken, teach them the importance of focus in their dreams and desires with a positive attitude and full expectation.

The setting of our school forces students to take responsibility for their own learning and encourages them to share their opinions. In addition to learning about topics being discussed, students also learn valuable public speaking skills and to be respectful of their fellow students’ ideas. Studies have supported the method’s effectiveness in increasing students’ retention and recall of material. It is about full blown human potential and how you support that in both intellectual and creative terms.”