JBM is well equipped with State of the Art   Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer, Mathematics and Robotics Laboratories. Physics lab is well planned, spacious and well equipped with all the sets of equipments. There are models, charts, apparatus, kits and experimental gadgets to cater the needs of students. Chemistry lab is designed while keeping in mind all the statutory norms and safety standards. It is fully ventilated and spacious. Biology lab is well equipped with the equipments such as microscopes, different slides, museum specimens etc. which instills a sense of curiosity and learning. Mathematics lab is an area where the students learn through different shapes, patterns. Here they learn through doing. The educators teach them with the help of different activities which help them to visualize and generalize the observed patterns. Robotics lab is equipped with proper kits which help students in designing, building, programming and testing to meet the challenges set by the educators. Not only is this it helpful to meet the next generation’s workforce needs. Students learn programming and basic computer skills in computer labs. Installed Internet connections, electronic white-boards, digital projection and audio-visual systems enhance the quality and depth of learning for the students and the teaching community. The school has successfully integrated computerized processes of administration like preparation of report cards, fee-slips, communicating with parents, managing the school finances etc. The school website contributes immensely in the dispersion of information and interactive communication capabilities.

Biology Lab

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