The presentation of the content theory and practice strategies employed to teach, in view of the combined goals of teachers and students JBM has adopted. Learner based pedagogy which grants the learner an active role in the process of learning, stimulating individual cognitive and experimental learning environment leading to greater understanding and retention, learning environment with high and clear expectation and positive relationship fosters positivity to learn. Teachers design learning opportunities enabling students to participate in empowering activities incorporating students’ experiences, interest and real time situation along with 21st century learning skills preparing students to face the future challenges.

The school is putting forth an amalgamation of traditional values system and the latest techniques in education, effectively using audio-video teaching tools, concept of learning outside the classroom, critical thinking, creativity & collaboration in enliving class room- platform to share knowledge & common interest providing regular & timely feedback.

Teachers orchestrate effective class room discussion, questioning and learning tasks, promoting high order thinking skills, brain storming sessions, story based lesson open ended questions with personalized and flexible learning providing meaningful learning opportunities and creating an environment where students work in valued appreciated and used as a learning tool.

Online Assignments, Peer Learning, Productive Remedial, guidance in International Olympiad, Spellathons, declamation, symposium, recitation, short plays, role plays, street plays, documentaries, guest lecture, Kavya Sammelan, Calligraphy, Recitation, Debate, Quiz, JAM, Creative Writing, Dumb charades, Soft Board, Class Magazines, dialogue creative writing, conducting interviews, exhibitions, students’ presentation of a topic, case studies, project work, PowerPoint presentations, movies shows, visits with follow up activities are conducted regularly, as the school firmly believes that teaching is not restricted within the four walls of classroom.

Pre Primary Level

The learning program outlines a detailed & structured framework of content that is comprehensive but completely flexible developing key skills – Motor, Cognitive & Affective.

Primary Level

Essentially, ,Montessori pedagogy. thematic & activity based curriculum celebrates the uniqueness of every child. It is designed to nurture the child in all dimensions instilling love of learning that will remain with the child through all stages of formal education.

Middle Level

Developing analytical & critical thinking skills and furthering knowledge in the core subjects, are the key words in the middle school. Curriculum takes full account of exposing the child to strike a balance in individual and social development. It also helps to explore his/her interests and passions.

Secondary Level

Acquiring and applying knowledge & concepts, learning new behaviors and skills through project based learning, exploring attitudes, values, perspectives on a problem and solutions to complex issues.

Senior Secondary Level

Focus on core subjects. The curriculum helps students to develop their abilities, aptitudes, interests and ability to face the challenges of global competitiveness.