The school firmly believes in imparting education which goes beyond the traditional teaching learning pedagogy and extends the paradigm to incorporate holistic development of the students. JBM advocates amalgamation of different teaching strategies, essential to develop inherent talents. ‘Learning by doing’ based on exploration and experimentation supported by ‘smart class’ with rich content, supplemented with regular teacher training and exposure to foreign language, making it relevant, application based and practical.

Pre Primary Level

The learning program outlines a detailed & structured framework of content that is comprehensive but completely flexible developing key skills – Motor, Cognitive & Affective.

Primary Level

Essentially, ,Montessori pedagogy. thematic & activity based curriculum celebrates the uniqueness of every child. It is designed to nurture the child in all dimensions instilling love of learning that will remain with the child through all stages of formal education.

Middle Level

Developing analytical & critical thinking skills and furthering knowledge in the core subjects, are the key words in the middle school. Curriculum takes full account of exposing the child to strike a balance in individual and social development. It also helps to explore his/her interests and passions.

Secondary Level

Acquiring and applying knowledge & concepts, learning new behaviors and skills through project based learning, exploring attitudes, values, perspectives on a problem and solutions to complex issues.

Senior Secondary Level

Focus on core subjects. The curriculum helps students to develop their abilities, aptitudes, interests and ability to face the challenges of global competitiveness.