Community Service

The secret of human freedom is to act well without attachment to the results

-Bhagavat Gita.

JBM an ace to develop a richer perspective of the world we live in and connecting the students to the real world. We believe that giving back to community provides a rewarding sense of pride. The school endeavours to raise students making positive contributions to the community.

The school advocates deep love $ regards for the protection of environment & its sustainability through programs like ‘GREENOFEST’- an annual event. Every opportunity is used to make the students look beyond making short term gains & look term impacts of ‘OUR’ activities on ‘OUR’ environment.

Each one teaches two programs initiated to teach students from under privilege families during extended school hours.

Visit to old age homes sensitizes students to the needs of old who have been neglected by their families of love, respect and care.

Rain Water Harvesting, Compost Pit and Auditing Class Garbage are few endeavours of JBM towards environmental sustainability.

JBM plays an active role in different community programs such as large scale planning ‘Say No To Crackers’ project at (DLF Mall of India), ‘Say No To Chemical Colors’, Run for environment (Marathon), RWS caring and sharing by distributing gifts to destitute children, be the Santa Project etc.