ISBP: Integrated Skill Based Program

Transforming Classroom Curriculum to Ignite Learning is ISBP- An opportunity to hone skills for all the students, facilitated by highly competent and committed educators. These programs are incorporated in the existing curriculum with no extra cost to the parents in regular school hours.



Innovative Arts


Vedic Math



Empowering Scientific temperament

To accredit scientific temperament, JBM initiated Astronomy program by ushering universe in the school. This program is to connect the students to deep and long-standing questions about our origins and the nature of the universe in which we live. JBM has opened the doors of wisdom by giving the opportunity to visit the National Science Centre & NASA. The sky watching and astronomy gallery made the students to experience and learn about astronomical objects and events. Regular class session, competitions &exhibitions, special assemblies and excursions 7 certifications are done to improve understanding of Space Science.


Platform to Build& Explore Machine and Mechanism

JBM Robotics program in partnership with Neo Robots is based on STEM- Science Technology Engineering & Mathematics with age-appropriate curriculum provides a platform to build and explore machine and mechanisms. The program incorporated creativity and fun simultaneously. The students not only love to partake in activities and develop a never give up attitude, but also connect to the real world and develop research-based attitude.  Educators embrace the latest skills and knowledge for effective learning and embrace a range of skills such as learning together, discovering together, teamwork and accepting challenges.


Let’s Shun Maths Phobia and Learn Some Techniques

JBM initiated Genius Maths Program (Abacus & Vedic Maths) in partnership with AVAS to enhance visualization, concentration, memory retention, speed accuracy & decision making consequently enhancing cognitive skills in the student’s performance.

Vedic Mathematics builds more confident & competent child along with strong aptitude.JBMites participates in different Vedic wisdom completion held by Ishkon. AVAS has prescribed learning programs as Level1 & Level2. Qualifying certificates are also provided to the students.


Empowering Creativity

JBM GLOBAL SCHOOL is set to empower creativity. A structured & organized curriculum of Innovative Arts Program is embedded in the School curriculum in primary classes. Students enthusiastically participate in puppet making storytelling, mixing & voice registering activities enhancing flexibility & psycho motors skills along with creativity.


Empowering Sports Acumen

JBM proffers International standard sports complex providing more than 18 outdoor and indoor sports facilities. Academics for Cricket, Basketball, Soccer, Shooting, Tennis, Billiards, Karate and Skating and Sports Clinique are organized. Positive mentoring of professional coaches is an asset for the young prodigies. They are confident, self-esteemed, disciplined and social.

Through Sports Clusters & Zonal, students get sports exposure under CBSE Inter School Sports & Games Competitions. The major sports yearly event is ‘AHAWAN’ wherein thousands of students from hundreds of reputed schools from Noida & Delhi participate and showcase their sports acumen. Every day one hour of structured sports under the supervision of competent Sports Coaches for all the classes Play Way – XII reflects the commitment of the management towards the improvement of sports.