JBM breaking mental barriers ………towards Goal Setting and Self Reflection

Music Studio

Music certainly nurtures student’s creative side. We at JBM helps to develop the motor , social and emotional skills in children by providing variety of instruments, choral arrangements and styles to enhance educational experience and above all fostering academic, social and emotional growth.

Dance Studio

JBMites let themselves engage and channelize their energy positively in the Dance Studio. The school offers different dance genres like Hip Hop, Salsa to Classical Style, Rhythm and beat, Fun and Entertainment, imagination and self- expression. They not only learn these dance forms but also gain greater self confidence, strong teamwork, perseverance & improved learning skills and positive level of growth.

Art & Craft Studio

JBM feels that every child is special and has latent talent. Here they explore and blossom as we foster their creativity under the guidance of experienced and talented educators. We help the children to improve their fine and gross motor skills. All forms of art such as sketching, painting, and sculpting help them in evolving their visual skills, not only this they learn self awareness, focus, and perseverance to express their emotions in a positive way.