Good infrastructure and friendly environment. Best sports teachers around.


Best Infrastructure and Best Sports facility.


We have supportive and hard working teachers putting great efforts on the student’s development. We have multiple options for outdoor and indoor sports.


Extremely friendly environment with supportive teachers and awesome infrastructure is what JBM is. The transport facility is excellent.



I am a true JBMite. To begin with, my ride at school has been surreal, the amazing journey at JBM Global School where you get a family to support you. They cultivated in our respect, knowledge of life and feeling of togetherness. I would thank my teachers, Principal, and Director who always supported me to achieve my dreams and live them. And now being an entrepreneur in the diamond jewelry industry is like a dream come true.

Aadya Khurana
(2015 -16)

JBM allows children to take part in the traditional day. JBM has an annual function for students every year in which students actively participate.
It also provides students with a platform to showcase their talents. JBM gives chances to become an own personality. I am glad to be a part of JBM. The staff is supportive and focuses on the child’s academic improvement as well as their extra activities.

Tanay Jain
(2015 -16)

It gives me immense pleasure to say that I have completed my schooling from JBM. The relationship between faculties and students is very cordial which gave me an opportunity to excel in my area of interest. We had a lot of fun activities and educational trips but the best part was annual tours. The 8 years I spent here were splendid and helped me to grow better professionally and personally. I would like to thank all the faculties and staff for making me a better person.

(2015 -16)


Hi..this is my son Anjanay's 3rd year with the school...the 1st year with Kranti ma'am was remarkable as my son learnt so many things including eating fruits which he would never eat otherwise...2nd year was difficult and new for everyone due to the pandemic however Tulika ma'am made learning smooth n easy even with the online class and now in the 3rd year situation is the same but we r u used to it but again so far with this new session my son's learning is remarkable because of Geetanjali ma'am...She has made online classes work so nicely it is something I dint expect...at the end of the day my son knows what is being thought through the ma'am n it is remarkable ....so I would really like to thank all the teachers, faculties, Bhandari ma'am and each n every person of JBM Global school to make the children's learning that easy with online classes..

Ms.Ruchika Aggarwal
Mother of Anjanay Aggarwal, UKG-B

The School impressed me at the first sight. The guidance of Ms. Bhandari is praiseworthy and the way of delivering knowledge of other well-qualified teachers is wonderful and exceptional. Special thanks to Ms. Kranti, Ms. Gurjeet & Ms. Rachna, the 3 Gurus for nurturing my daughter is growing up.

Ms.Oinam Bidyarani
Mother of Kavya Irengbam UKG-A

When I look back at life more so because during Pandemic the socializing is somewhat restricted. What stands out is the days of my school especially in class XI and XII.Wow ! I cannot forget the madness of faculty members to solve our problems and elegant ways of Director Nalini Bahl and Seema Bhandari to nudge us for out performing... Friendly and ever ready Esha ma'am and Urvashi ma'am. Ex JBMITE

Mohammed Akib Saifi
Alumni of Class XII A, Class of 2015

I am guardian of Pakhi Chauhan.she is in Nursery - A.She got admission this year in JBM Global School.The School is very good for childrens development.The Teachers focus on the children individually.pakhi's class teacher is Mrs.Pratibha ma'am.The way Pratibha ma'am teach is very unique and interesting for children.pratibha ma'am always make them learn everything easily.At the end we are fully satisfied from school.The school is the best one in noida for children.

Mr.Praveen Chauhan
Father of Pakhi Chauhan, PS-A

I admitted my Son in JBM GLOBAL SCHOOL recently and my experience with the school amazed me in every way. The way teachers teach in online classes is commendable. They give attention to each and every child. When you are educating small children online, you need to have a lot of patience and teachers of JBM are amazing. My son has improved after he entered this School. His reading skills improved. I would like to thank Ms.Shikha Bharadwaj, his class teacher for her efforts.

Rishi Vandana Singh
Mother of Chitrarth Singh
Class- I (Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE)


Ms. Rasmeet Kaur,
Mother of Aarav Sharma, UKG-B

We both like the activity-based method of teaching that Teacher is practising in virtual classes. Also, one to one interaction with the child is also maintained, which is highly appreciated by us. The oratory classes on Friday are a play way learning method which is again liked by Ipshita and us. Thanks to Teachers and the whole JBM team.

Sonam Tulsyan
Mother of Ipshita Srivastava Cam PP A

My son krishang Rajput is studying in JBM global school in preschool. I m very happy by the way of teaching of their teachers. Especially I am happy with the teachers that how patiently they treat all students. I like the method of teaching very much.

Bhagat Chauhan
Father of Krishang Chauhan PS B

I joined my kid to JBM school in nursery class and the experience is good. My child is excited to go to school because of the positive vibe and friendly behavior of teachers. He enjoyed going to school and that is the most important thing for any parent. During this pandemic, my son doesn't like the online Class era. However due to the loving and caring nature of teachers, now he gets ready on his own for the class. She gives each and every child equal attention to grow and listen to their small things that helps the child to build a friendly relationship with the teacher. Thank you mam for everything you are doing for our kids .

Afira Abeda
Mother of Mohd. Sufiyaan Cam PP A

A very heartfelt thank you to teachers and the whole JBM team for conducting the online classes with so much love n dedication. We love her approach of teaching and she makes things so easy and understandable to kids that they love learning everything from her. She even taught discipline to kids even in the online classes. Thank you so much maam for putting in so much efforts for these children and helping them in carving their future. Also, Navya loves you a lot.

Tanvi Kedia
Mother of Naavya Kedia Cam PP A

“School is a building which has four walls with tomorrow inside” I liked JBM GLOBAL SCHOOL on my first visit to the school and sometimes “First impression is the last impression” I was looking for a school where sports and academics go hand in hand and I found this school perfect place for my son. I am connected with JBM Global family from April 2019 onwards and I don’t have any regrets on my decision. May JBM Global School gain new heights with each passing day. “The best teacher teaches from heart not from the books”. One good morning begins the bond of friendship……and Navnoor look forward with joy to greet her everyday even its through online classes. One teachers and sea of students, but she ensure each of them got the attention. One correction by her bringing discipline and he is progressing with each passing day. One word of encouragement by his teacher brings smile on his face, shines in his eyes which inspire him to do better and stay connected to his course “Not all superheroes wear caps, some have teaching degrees. I really appreciate teachers and the whole JBM team for doing so much to make classes fun and easy every day. You are truly inspiration for all of us in this difficult time. As a parent it’s impossible for us to stop worrying about our kids but at back of our mind I am at peace as I know my son is in good hands of teachers like you.

Ramanpreet Kaur Dhanju
Mother of Navnoor Singh Cam PP A

Starting with a big thanks to Teacher. I as a parent am totally satisfied and amazed to see the effortless and unique teaching methods used by her. I am so touched with her motherly and fun-filled teaching methods which don’t let our tiny kids lose focus. She is able to establish such a connection with our kids in such a short period of time that my kid looks forward to her online classes every morning, rejuvenated. She knows it exactly when to say what and how to handle every child. She is well versed with highs and lows of all the kids and handles them accordingly. The best part is she pays individual attention to every single child and ensures that every child is matching up to the pace and then she moves ahead to another topic thereby maintaining a balance in the class. Apart from academics, I am also happy with the fact that she is answering all our queries so proactively. She is so approachable and comfortable to talk with about anything anytime. Always ready to help, motivate us also. She really helped me in accepting the online teaching method when I was messing up everything. She doesn’t even stop herself from helping us going out of her way. An amazing teacher and a wonderful human being. With her continuous support and positive behaviour, I am able to sort everything about coping up with my daughter’s online studies. Thank you once again. Nothing would have been so easy without her help. About JBM I am too young to comment as a parent, but about the journey so far has been a good one. One thing I want to thank JBM is for their selection and assignment of teachers. I would say they are the best in town.

Nadia Ashraf
Mother of -Hareem Uzair Cam PP A

Great effort done by teachers and JBM team, I can see a lot of changes in her after starting online classes thank a lot. We appreciate your work dear ma'am and team JBM

Oinambi Dyaranidevi
Mother of Kavya Irengbam PS A

JBM Global School is the place that putting up immense efforts in preparing my child's tomorrow. I am extremely satisfied with competent teachers who are working very hard in all possible ways. I m happy with the contribution of all in developing my child for a better n brighter future.

Pinky Singh
Mother of Angella Singh IX B

JBM Global School-Noida provides the best environment and infrastructure for the students in terms of academics as well as other co-curricular activities necessary for overall personality development .It is well equipped with world class facilities to ensure holistic development of the student. It follows the Principal of “Global Outlook” and treats “Parents as Partners”. The teachers and school management are very supportive. It keeps the children motivated and always inspires them to achieve excellence. The atmosphere of the school is filled with fragrance of trust and care.

Sandeep Chogtu
Father of Shradha Chogtu VII A and Sahil Chogtu X B

Few lines about the school:-Our association with the school has been a long and delightful one. The school boasts of extraordinary teaching staff and facilities. It would be hard to find a set of more supportive teachers to influence. The developmental years of our child's life.

Sangita Moitra
Mother of Ishan Moitra CLASS 12 A

Please find my inputs on the school as - My experience of having my daughter be a part of JBM Global School has been very good. The teachers are experienced and highly qualified. My daughter could learn varied kinds of sports as shooting, skating, karate and snooker. There has been an approach of holistic growth at JBM Global. The learning is global while retaining the essence of Indian culture and pride through extra activities.
My daughter has imbibed a learning that has affected her overall growth in a very positive way.
Thank you

Shruti Pandey
Mother of Deepansha Class 11 C

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted everything around the globe, including our schools and our educational system. Amid the pandemic, despite all that has been happening & is impacted, our teachers and the school have been doing everything possible to keep our education, growth and learning seamlessly.
I would like to express my gratitude and heartfelt thank the teachers and school. From embracing remote learning opportunities to emergency childcare, teachers have stepped up to the best.
Thanks so much!

Saurabh Vij
Father of Anmol Vij VII B

JBM Global School peruses the academic, moral, ethical, physical and spiritual constitution of the students. Good collaboration between family and institution. Everyone in the faculty is approachable. Teachers are dedicated, build confidence and motivate the students.
Thanks & Regards,

Rupesh Sharma
Father of Pulak Sharma VIIIA

As a parent, I want to thank all the teachers and school staff who are working hard for online schooling during these difficult times. I also want to call out that teachers have made themselves available for students round the clock, to answer their queries, to which, I feel guilty that my kid may be pulling them from their family time. I will be indebted to this gesture of the teachers.

Neelam Parasher
Mother of Hardik Parashar – Class VI B

JBM is not just a school for me; it is the family which has molded my children into a scholar and a judicious human being. Teachers at JBM complement parents in shaping the bright future of their kids. I as a parent feel that it was one of the finest decisions of mine to bestow my kids into the hands of JBM staff, which provides excellent care, support and guidance unconditionally....

Arti Tiwari
Mother of Bharat Tiwari Class 10 A

My ward is studying in JBM Global School and I'm quite happy with the progress he has made. I would like to thank his teachers, who have taught him with excellence and dedication, and have given him the right guidance. In this time of the pandemic, teachers have put in lots of efforts to make education journey of my ward, as smooth as possible. I would also like to thank School Management for giving such a conducive environment for education.

Mother of Rishab XII A

Our regular lives were interrupted due to Coronavirus.With the unexpected COVID-19 pandemic, schools were forced to close down to slow the spread of virus. It was done for the safety of children.JBM school also did that.JBM School switched to online teaching-learning mode. This was done so that students remain in touch with their studies. Teachers are trying different ways to make learning effective and fun. All Teachers in JBM School have been very helpful. To motivate online learning teachers are leaving no stone unturned to ensure joy, warmth and humor while teaching. I never felt it difficult to communicate with the teachers. It has been a great online learning experience so far.
Thank you so much to all the teachers.

Rashmi Chauhan
Mother of Nischal Chauhan VII B

Teachers don’t teach children they prepare kids for the road ahead in life. We parent of Parth Lamba of class 7-B wants to convey a big thanks to you for your efforts and dedication during this difficult time of the year, because of the hard you have put in my kid is facing the least problem. Heartiest THANK to all the Teachers for their endless hard work
Keep rocking.

Karan Lamba
Father of Paarth Lamba VII B

Being a parent of a student of JBM Global School, I am very happy that I have selected this school among plenty of schools in Noida. My child's overall development makes me realize this all the time. This school is doing very good academically as well as in extracurricular activities. Even in this sudden pandemic, the school has been giving online classes to the students from day one of the lockdown while other schools were waiting for the better situation. I really appreciate the management for such a great job.

Sanchita Das
Mother of Shashank Das X A

Firstly I am going to pay my regards to all the teachers. As we know we are facing very difficult time and everyone is taking precautions to avoid COVID-19.At this critical time JBM School has started online classes and teachers are doing their best to make the learning more effective. As a mother Ujjaini I am fully satisfied by online classes. Again I admire the precious guidance of all the teachers.
Thanks and Regards,

Iti Goel
Mother of Ujjaini Goel VI A

I am Yogita’s mother. I wanted to tell that JBM Global School is very hard working school. In Online classes every teacher gives 40 minutes. Also, the teachers are intelligent, talented, experienced and hardworking.JBM Global School also gives classes of Art, Music, Dance Yoga, Physical Fitness and Oratory Club. I really appreciate the approach and hard work they do to make learning effective. JBM Global School-NOIDA provides the best environment and infrastructure for the students in terms of academics as well as other co-curricular activities necessary for overall personality development. It is well equipped with world class facilities to ensure the holistic development of the student. It follows the principal of “GLOBAL OUTLOOK” and treats “Parents as Partners”. The teachers and school management are very supportive. It keeps the children motivated and always inspires them to achieve excellence. The atmosphere of school is filled with the fragrance of trust and care.

Ruby Sharma
Mother of Yogita Sharma VI A

In this corona pandemic, JBM Global School has not only helped the students but also parents by creating their own site where we can check our child work and attendance. I am very happy to see the progress of my child over these years. Just wanted to say a huge thanks to all the teachers who have helped her to improve. My daughter is really enjoying studying in JBM Global School. I am very happy to send my child to this miraculous school.

Richa Srivastava
Mother of Saniya Gupta VIII A

Good evening maam my views regarding the school are: It’s a very nice school. I am fully satisfied from the school. Teachers and staffs of the school are very helpful and cooperative. In this pandemic situation the school is supporting us a lot. We are always thankful.

Hedayat Ullah Zafar
Father of S.Hayat Ullah Zafar VIIIB

Excellent School
JBM is a dream school truly speaking more of “Shiksha Kaa Mandir”. Here I find dedication from higher hierarchy – of Chairman, Principal, both the Directors, Teachers down to the guards, nannies, cleaning staff are caring & involved with the mission of raising students with compassion and understanding, enveloping them with the right mix of affection, guidance, and accountability.
We feel secure as this school is an extension of home for them with add-ons of excellent education, values, and ethics.

Mr.Sanjay Kumar Garg
Father of Yashi Garg(Class V) & Aryan Garg(Class X).

I am glad my kids are being brought in such a healthy environment. I am amazed to see the love and affection you shower on the kids. I cannot imagine a teacher sweating so much for her kids. That is heart touching. Chaitanya and Suhani are too small to be valuing such gestures, but we, as parents, are sure that our kids are in very loving guidance. Thanks for being so kind.

Diksha Gupta
Mother of Suhani Gupta (Pre School E) and Chaitanya Gupta (Pre School E)

Highly Recommend JBM SCHOOL! The staff at the JBM School is conscientious, skillful and knowledgeable. My son is academically growing in an environment that is very nurturing with lot of sports activities. I am so pleased with Reyan’s improvement ever since he joined JBM School. He has shown much improvement in his academic grades & activities he is doing at home. Our son, not only achieving at a higher level, he is confident within himself and his abilities with self-esteem.
Thank you team JBM.

Mr. Pradeep Sinwal
Father of Reyan Sinwal (Class VII)

Good environment for learning
So happy to be part of JBM family.  You make us feel proud. Wonderful School. Keep going!!

Mrs. Rani Sudhir
Mother of Jainika Sudhir( Class III C) & Vibha Sudhir(IX A)