champions kicks

Champions Kick

One of the oldest and the most popular games in the world is none other than soccer. It can be called a universal game because every small and big nation plays it. JBM playground at school in greater Noida is full of soccer teams as CBSE Inter- School Sports & Games competitions 2019-20, Football National Tournament (Girls) is going to start in school. Soccer is known as football throughout most of the world because the foot is the part of the body used most in the sport.

It is a game of strength and stamina and also a teacher of discipline and teamwork. Our school on Noida expressway thinks that football is a stress buster and takes care of all the faculties of the youngsters. The mood of energy and celebration is very much visible by the number of registrations by numerous schools.JBM Global School is enthusiastically inviting all the CBSE schools to participate in this tournament from all over the nation. This four days tournament will surely mark the grand success for the future players of football.

Being one of the top ten schools in Noida, we try our best to cultivate something good out of students from all kinds of activities and today as we all are well set for this Football National Tournament we can say, as human beings, we are constantly learning throughout our life by several steps and challenges.

So in this sense, life is similar to a game of football because just as in everyday life we go through the same obstacles, and have people there to support us. In a game of football, players, acquire cuts and scrapes just as we gain experiences through our lives, and once the game is over we celebrate with our team, or with family.

Life is like a game of football in terms of important people, accomplishments, obstacles,and perseverance. It’s a team game that makes it a more enjoyable game as it teaches people the importance of sportsmanship, leadership and unity.

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