Festival of Enlightenment – DIPAVALI

Festivals in India are celebrated for every reason and season, for every religion and region, for every legend and myth… which is why we are often called the land of festivals! Diwali is the festival of lights. Diwali is derived from the word ‘Dipavali’ meaning ‘a cluster of lights’. Like children in schools and homes illumine our lives with their innocent charm and laughter, and we must in turn take away unenlightenment and values with good family relationships and bonding. All schools learning of knowledge and love revolve around circle of our life. We should accept the fact that in order to succeed in life it is essential to experience darkness and un-fulfillment as it makes us dig and fumble for enlightenment and learning. I need to publicized to one and all that there is always a hope, shimmer and glimmer of light to give us self-assurance and self-confidence. Let us find that spark from this very festival of light to motivate our ‘future’ that is our ‘children ’to progress, become generous and be kind. 

As per the great epic Ramayana, this festival is celebrated to welcome Maryada Purushottam Bhagwan Shri Ram, who returned Ayodhya after spending 14 years in exile and victory over Lanka. Virtually, this festival symbolizes, victory of truth over lies and religion over non religion. Depavali festival is celebrated with all fanfare. This festival also symbolizes happiness and prosperity. People decorate their houses, and share their happiness with their friends and relations.

Dipavali is not a festival just to pass gifts which actually became a duty for people and at times it’s more like passing a parcel game tradition. We should make our children understand that this very festival comes with a lot of learning so let us understand that our weaknesses overtake our capabilities but we need to remind ourselves that just as these little diyas of light on Diwali dispel darkness, similarly we can overcome our failures and from the darkness of our lives into success. This is the message we wish to convey as we aspire to be the best Nursery school and best school in Noida.

As the world of news and media highlights negative, depressive unkind, we can be their wall of hope and we need to remind ourselves that make them face life’s realities with assistance of our love and affection. Our children don’t even have to lead ‘unassisted’ life. We the teachers and families of JBM Global School, Noida can be their rock their search lights their erasers and assistants. Let us all light up these little diyas of satisfaction and knowledge, light to dispel the darkness all around us and be the light for one and all in journey of life.

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