A Positive NO

When you say YES to others, make sure you are not saying NO to yourself.

Saying ‘NO’ is a way of protecting yourself. This little word can help you to create more of what you want in your own life, so in that sense it is one of the most useful words in your vocabulary. We often fear to use the word ‘NO’, or feel upset when it is used towards us, simply because we give it a negative connotation. But if we could see ‘NO’ as a positive utterance then we might see its creative advantages. It is positive because it makes things clear and gives us the power not to be pushed around by other people – it helps us.

This is all about acknowledging genuine limits, not selfishness or excuses. Each one of us has limits to our energy and patience, our ability to absorb information and to the amount to time available in each day, week, month, or year for particular tasks.

One of the 10 best schools, JBM Global School on Noida Expressway, gives astonishing opportunities to children to express their thoughts because speech is an important part of learning and developing. The tone of your voice has the most important impact. It has been discovered in research studies that our tone conveys the message much more powerfully than our words. Saying ‘NO’ with a ‘YES’ voice is a way of protecting yourself from the stress of being pushed into doing things you don’t really want to do, or which are waiting your time and energy and not helping you to achieve your objectives. Our teachers help students to take their own decisions by making them understand the difference between the good and bad, which later develops as 100% confidence in their personalities.

You have the right to set limits and establish boundaries and to protect them from being trampled down by others. Feeling that you have more control over your space and time will release you from a great amount of inner stress and should give you a feeling of greater ease generally. But the only way you achieve this is by using the ‘Positive No’ – in all its manifestations.

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