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Effective Online Teaching – Learning

The so-called “new norm” has not only changed the lives of each one of us but has disrupted the entire education system.  Moving from the world-class traditional classrooms to making the living rooms the workplace environment, from teaching in person classes to collaborating with the latest technology and high speed Internet and going online, everything has transformed.

The need to explore online teaching and learning has been revived due to Covid-19. Facing a new challenge everyday, online teaching and learning can be made easier with collaboration, interaction and communication to co-create the learning process. The role of the educator during this time has changed from the “sage on the stage” to the “guide on the side”

Utilizing every positive aspect of technology, a quality educational learning experience can be provided.   Emphasizing student-centered learning and employing active learning activities can be one of the most effective online pedagogy. 

Best practices for effective online teaching and learning can include – 

1. Comprehend the technology 
Familiarizing with the latest technology, taking up proper trainings, being able to troubleshoot and making the contact information available and most importantly having a backup plan during a technology failure, would allow a smooth session without any interruption.

 2.  Maintain a strong presence
To be present in a digital realm isn’t difficult as not only responding to queries online help but social presence encourages the learners to stay on to exploring, interacting and learning experience.

3. Set clear expectations
Setting expectations will give the learners a clear view of how they will be assessed, their online participation, performance objectives and the code of conduct to be followed during the online teaching and learning.

4. Allow the learners to take charge
Engaging the learners in activities, allowing them to find and discuss resources and holding student – led sessions will create learning opportunities for them to explore.

5. Use readily available resources
Learners being familiar with the technology and Internet can easily use an assortment of accessible resources as they are available online.

6. Regular feedback
Acknowledgement and response right from the content to teaching methods, improvements to on going learning, helps to achieve the best as there is always a room for improvement and learning.

7. Develop a community of learners
Demonstrating enthusiasm about teaching, encouraging each learner to ask and share information, incorporating messaging and blogs and asking questions that empowers the other learners to elicit discussions will allow response to everybody as a community and not to individual participants.

8. Diverse ways to learning
Giving choices to learners in their learning experience will increase their contentment and retention. Different projects, assignments and activities for learning will give them options and different learning styles will act as a spice in the learning process.

Acknowledging the way the world is already developing, understanding the importance of online learning through collaboration and engagement in student learning, JBM being one of the best schools in Noida, took the initiative to effectively support online teaching and learning right from the beginning of the pandemic, focusing not only on the technology but also on effective pedagogical strategies for online teaching.

During this crisis, JBM Global School has been able to showcase resilience and major upheavals of the system relying on strategic learning initiatives. The school has coped up with the challenges of using online platforms, training the teachers to the optimum level for a smooth transition from the classrooms to the virtual world.  A continuous endeavor to provide effective online teaching and learning is the aim to facilitate the learning process. JBM Global School has succeeded in sailing through this crisis and turned problems into advantages by acquiring appropriate resources and up skilling their teachers. 

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Blig On Screen Time

“The only contribution that we will ever make in this world will be born of our creativity.”

With experts advising parents to reduce the screen time of kids to only a few hours depending on their age, to the students across the country learning at home due to the pandemic has increased the screen time by 50%. Students have transitioned to distance learning and social distancing. A number of challenges have been posed for the parents to monitor their child’s screen time and recreational use of devices.


It is important to understand that all screen time isn’t bad until and unless you know your child, the content your child is engaging in and the context of media use. The problem lies in screens replacing positive activities like exercising, socializing and proper sleep.

 It is a fact that parents will have to adjust and adapt with today’s reality.

 A healthy balance of screen time can be maintained during this pandemic with several small steps to keep children active and stimulated and limiting excessive screen time.


    1. Building an eye-healthy lifestyle at home

Set clear rules and limits to screen time supporting only educational use while limiting Television and playing games. Children can be encouraged for outdoor activities while maintaining social distancing. Some recommendations for eye health includes –

    • Taking 20 seconds break after every 20 minutes.
    • Set a timer to remind of breaks.
    • Keep the device at least 18 to 24 inches away from the eyes.

With regular monitoring , parents can make sure that their children have an eye-healthy lifestyle.

    1. Hands –On activities

Providing hands-on assignments is a great way to limit screen time and stimulate learning in other ways as too much of screen time can mentally drain a child.


    1. Set limits

A good goal is three to hours of online learning combined with an hour of recreational screen time. Apart from this, children can be encouraged to go out while maintaining social distancing, walk the dog etc. Offline playtime can stimulate creativity giving the eyes a much-needed break.


    1. Model Good Behavior

As parents act as role models for their children, its important to limit your own screen time. Spending time and taking an interest in what children are learning and watching is good for their long- term sense of self-esteem.


    1. Create digital-free areas

Keeping family dinners and events free of screens can help in understanding the relationship better. The overload of news and media can be overlooked. Focusing quality time can help ensure a healthy lifestyle for the children.


Screens have become more encapsulated in our daily lives than even before. Continuing to learn online, talking about the screen hangovers, focusing on the quality of screen time, setting up realistic rules and keeping up an active lifestyle can reinforce the growth and development of the children.

Adapting with the “new normal “ and children continuing to learn in the virtual platform has put up many questions in the parents’ minds regarding the screen time. The Student Council of JBM Global School Noida, on 5 September 2020 held a webinar with one of the best ophthalmologists in Delhi, Dr. Neeraj Chadha who gave the parents and students an insight about the myths, how to keep up good eye health and tips to monitor the screen time. Dr. Chadha had put up his best solutions by answering the questions of the students and parents regarding vision, regular check ups and how he advised good diet, exercise, regular routine and breaks with continuous monitoring of the parents can play a good role in keeping their child’s eyes healthy.


Read 2 Achieve

The world has drastically transformed into a disruptive and distracting one as never imagined by any one of us. The advancement in technology, communication and computers has made this possible as it has much more information than we can handle, which in turn is affecting us in many ways. There is tremendous pressure on students  because of the overloaded information leading to less attention span, ability to think and analyze. 

The digital world is pacing with new innovations, opinions and ideas breaking the existing norms. Internet, Cell phones, Gaming apps, Television are taking the valuable time without providing any retainable knowledge and information.

This is where creativity and imagination plays foremost role in students’ lives and to get creative minds, books act as vehicles of knowledge, wisdom and best companions.

From the very moment students start schooling, they are taught the fundamentals of reading. Starting from recognition of alphabets, to the unique sound that each letter makes till they can read words and full sentences. And even before they realize, they start reading everything from posters to what is printed on cereal boxes.

In this overloaded environment of technology, reading helps students to understand and feel understood. The more they read, it’s easy to understand the world around them. Reading helps to discover life beyond what they already know.    

 Books are years of analysis and exploration that not only augments one’s awareness and intelligence but also adds to one’s learning, observation and wisdom. Thus, one must be able to extract the essence of the book.

Warren Buffet, one of the most successful people in the business world advises everyone to read more and more.

 As the quote says, “If you wish to renew our mind, READ”.

 Reading books give plenty of joy to students as they not only learn from books but also are inspired to work hard with courage and hope.  It takes them to a unique world of imagination, enriches their experience and sharpens their intellect. Reading has benefits reaching beyond just gaining knowledge, but also improving the quality of life.

Getting your hands on a few books can be a great experience in a few stunning ways:

  1. Become better communicators
    Improvement in communication skills can be noticed as books improve our vocabulary. We can easily express our thoughts and ideas as reading enhances our language skills and develops fluency.

    2. Learn more about yourself
    Reading helps you understand your own thoughts and reasoning as you become more in tune with yourself.

    3. Become more focused
    Relieving stress by reading books naturally helps to focus more. Be it the improvement in academic performance or learning more in less time.  Reading helps to slow down and focus more in this digital era, where our minds are constantly bombarded with new information in every bit of time.

    4. Reduce stress
    Reading books magically reduces stress as it provides a sense of relaxation much deeper than walking or listening to music. With books, it is easy to escape the anxiety and stress of everyday life as it takes you to a creative and imaginary world.

    5. Develop Analytical Skills
    Reading books improve one’s ability to think and helps in understanding different situations. It not only boosts the confidence, but also makes one compassionate and humble.

    6. Educate Yourself
    Getting the right book with useful information helps one become smarter, sharper and more skilled. Books teach us how things work, understand different people and their culture, learn new languages comprehend the history of things and how to improve ourselves.

    7. Enjoy more for less   
    Reading books can make one experience all the emotions in the world from crying, laughing, getting angry, feeling guilty to envy. It is an inexpensive way to experience new things, travel to distant places and relive some of the biggest events.

We are in a digital world and it’s not going away but it’s important to explore what’s being lost as well as gained. Technology, computers and Internet are the fastest in today’s world but books allow you to slow down, internalize, respond and transform.   

 JBM Global School, one of the best schools in Noida has always motivated its students to read more by making them read books of different genres, culture and topics of their choice regularly, share the book reviews and information related to them as a book in itself is comprehensive, specific and complete. Reading makes students wise, humble and more imaginative.

With the quote,” The most technologically efficient machine that man has ever invented in the book”, JBM recommends every student to open a book and read it and you will find that you have wings to fly with.              

dont limit yourself

“Don’t limit yourself to the skies, when there is a whole galaxy out there.”

A popular verse in Bhagavad Gita states that you have a right to perform your prescribed duties, but you are not entitled to the fruit of your actions.

 The fact is being unconcerned about the result makes you focus better and the outcome turns out to be exceptional.

Learning how to believe in yourself opens up endless possibilities as everything is a result of your belief in yourself and the belief that it’s possible. Life is challenging with lots of ups and downs, and we cannot run away from the battlefield but have to hold on till the war is over. Basically, every lesson of life makes you a self-confident and poised person.

Many famous personalities have turned from rags to riches because of their never give up attitude and the belief in their abilities. 
It is important to keep yourself motivated whenever you deal with vulnerability, failure and uncertainty.

As rightly said by Stephen Hawking, “However difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at.”
Its time you explore the best in yourself and accomplish your unfulfilled dreams.

What you believe is what you receive.

“Do you believe this change is possible for you??”



unhealty mind

“An unhealthy mind, even in a healthy body, will ultimately destroy health.”

Stress during the outbreak of a pandemic disease has become a part of our lives, while we all were trying to cope up with the fiercely competitive world. Stress is actually the brain’s response to any demand and continued stress can deteriorate one’s mental health.   

But what’s important to understand is better the health, better is mental health, contentment, productivity, decision-making and so on.     

Talking about the mind residing in your body. Both are not separate. What affects one, affects the other.

 So why does anybody not talk about a healthy mind? What things should be done or avoided to keep the mind healthy?     

If I had to tell you about “the good mind”, I would say that the mind is shaped by all the experiences, ideas and thoughts to which it is exposed. Then the choice is yours what to feed your mind, just like you choose what to feed your body. Referring to it as “mind diet”, making your mind more or less healthy and certainly more or less interesting.

 The challenge to keep both mind and body as healthy as possible with a balanced diet, regular exercise and proper sleep will benefit in the long run along with turning off the smartphones periodically.

Lets not forget the body hears everything the mind says. A healthy mind living in a healthy body can make one a successful leader.

 Its time we decide to make healthy choices. Not the choices that is healthy just for the body, but healthy for the mind as well.       

education makes one

“Education makes one sufficient but skills make one efficient”.

Life skills are something that is very useful to deal well and effectively with the challenges of life. It can be acquired through learning or direct life experiences.

It is a fact that learning life skills like creativity, problem –solving, ability to communicate, critical thinking increases our understanding of the world around us and equip ourselves with the tools we need to live a more productive and fulfilling life. 

 But, do we know which is the most important life skill?

Of all the life skills available to us, communication is the most empowering. To effectively communicate, we must realize that we are all different in the way we perceive the world and use this understanding as a guide to our communication with others.

Life skills touches upon issues that are real, sometimes sensitive, often controversial and ultimately moral.

Why are life skills important?

Learning life skills helps

  • To develop self-confidence in an individual.
  • To give a voice to an individual.
  • To allow one to make a positive contribution to assert his/her rights and understand his/her responsibilities.
  • To develop a greater sense of self-awareness and appreciation for others.

Let’s not forget that formal learning teaches a great deal, but many of the essential skills in life are the ones, we have to develop on our own.     


when we strive happiness

“When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better, too.”

The “so called” new normal has changed everything around us. Many people who have lived comfortably and contented in the “land of the free and the home of the brave”, are suddenly confronted with problems, they may have never faced.  How can one deal with all the stress, fear, tempers and general unhappiness?

Each individual is unique and what brings happiness to one person does not necessarily bring happiness to another. Each one is free to pursue happiness but finding or having it, is not guaranteed.

The pursuit of happiness    

 Happiness depends on what you like, what you know, your self-esteem or may be your attitude. It can be found in the middle of a pandemic as it is a state of mind – your mind and it is your choice.

 It is a fact that you are responsible for your happiness or misery. If you choose to be happy, you will find things all day long that pleases you, brings a smile on your face and gives you a feeling of well being. But if you choose to be miserable, everything you experience will annoy you or make you even more disgruntled.

Observing your own thinking is important. With time, effort and patience, you can make the choice to change your thinking and choose happiness over other things.

 Even in this pandemic, most of us have something to be grateful for. This time has made us realize that there is beauty around us, how compassionate people are and recognizing and learning things about ourselves.

Yes, the best way to find happiness is not to search it, but create it.     


Morality during the Cyber Age: A Reality or a Hoax

Reminiscing the days, when we witnessed cordless phones, pagers weren’t very easy for us. In today’s advanced age of technology, where we are surrounded by countless e-devices, when we look back to a period of time where having a computer was considered a luxury and we had ample time to spend with our friends and family which is quite impossible in today’s busy digital world. Kids today are engrossed in their e-devices and seldom spare some of their time to spend with their family which is a worrying issue and this is only the beginning of the new cyber age where it becomes imperative to keep close contact with our moral values. The cyber age no doubt has many benefits: it can connect many people across the globe and can link society together through technology. Even after such advancements we should remember that there are two sides of a coin. Thus it is important to think about the repercussions of the cyber age. We need to understand that children have become lazier and insensitive by continuously watching television shows which are not meant for them and are a showcase of violence and moral insensitivity. Presence of these types of shows and misuse of internet has led to such a scenario. Children should realize that excessive use of e-devices is creating a barrier between them and their parents which has again led to a feeling of alienation in the cyber age. In this situation the parents have to intervene and give proper guidance to their children to preserve their time and to keep them away from the negative impact of this age.

The internet contains a vast array of knowledge yet it can never replace a teacher. A teacher can assess a student’s progress and can enlighten the path towards success which cannot be done by the internet in any case.

Children must realize that these times are dire and the country is facing multiple challenges because of COVID-19. In these trying times, to maintain continuity in studies and not to affect the academic calendar, we have started online classes. We have seen positive behavioural changes in the mindset of parents towards online learning as they see their kids benefitting from it. However in a handful of cases, it is quite disheartening to see the inappropriate demeanour of the children towards their teachers during online classes. Upon viewing such insensitive behaviour of children all of us must be gripped with shock due to the insensitivity and disrespect of the students towards their teachers. Which path are these kids following? It is not the kind of path which any school or any parent will teach them; this is just a bi-product of cyber age. Students must respect and must reciprocate the attitude of their teacher towards them, they need to give them respect and listen to them carefully while they are teaching. Parents should make their children realize the role of a teacher in shaping their character no matter, the amount of money a child earns in his life, it is the character which is a deciding factor in his/her success.

The delinquent behaviour of the children is a matter of concern. There are frequent instances of cyber bullying and cyber-crime which have made the children an easy target. Also in the cyber age, they have become increasingly rebellious and outrageous. Tackling this is tough but not impossible. Childs’ mind is like raw clay, mold them properly and you will get a masterpiece. Similarly there is a need to instill some moral values and to educate them on subjects regarding cyber safety to lessen their contacts with strangers which can progressively decrease the number of children falling prey to cyber-crime. Artificial intelligence sessions are being held in schools which can give the students a better insight of exploring the internet and to maintain their safety.

The biggest disadvantage of this cyber age is that the creativity of the students has hindered and gone down drastically. Hard work and creativity are the two pillars of success, which the students are not able to strengthen in this cyber age. All the answers are just a click away from them and hence they do not tend to think on the work given to them.

Schools in Noida on Expressway nurture creativity amongst students, give them different situations to ponder upon and build confidence. Our schools believe that these qualities must be nurtured to bring out the vivid ideas and thoughts of each individual student.

True heights of moral character can only be built on a strong foundation of discipline and integrity. It is necessary that students see discipline as a way of improving their personality rather than a shackle and it must not be equated to incarceration. This will nullify negative emotions and will enhance willpower which will lead to success.

To conclude, no matter how advanced our human race becomes technologically, we must always remember our moral responsibilities and the power of human thinking which will always be the deciding factor of success in our life.

the invisible enemy

The Invisible Enemy

We are all in the Battle field because presently the whole world is at war. This is the Battle ground where there are no tanks, fighter planes or missiles, We do not have forces of Navy, Air Force, Army or BSF to protect us. There is no question of cease fire because there is no peace talk or mutual differences to be sorted, This is unique wartime without and Beyond borders of the countries.

The think tank of school at Expressway Noida are of the opinion that Invaders who invaded us are devoid of Empathy and Sympathy. They encompass all the people from all state of society, countries towns and continents. The attackers are crippling us emotionally, physically, materially and financially. Unlike cruel Kings of history like Nadirshah, Mohd. Gauri, Ghazni & Allaudin Khilji. This enemy is not plundering us or looting us but is leading us to abyss of despair and fear.

‘Our invisible enemy’ as the students of senior secondary School at Noida term it is beyond compassion, caste and creed. The attackers does not care about religious beliefs, rich or poor, powerful or weak. They don’t have point to prove or their superiority yet they humble us as they attack us but we cannot see it. Menacingly effective this Invisible Corona in attacking us, people all over the world are shattered & it is responsible for sniffing out so many lives around the globe, till date we have not found any panacea, school near sector 137 Noida was first to report the first victim before the lockdown. 

The attackers have come with clear cut defined plan to unleash wrath and fear of death and turning the world into one big cemetery and crematorium and that too without using any Robotic, clone or sophisticated machinery. It is not emissary of any city or county but where it attacks it leaves behind trail of sickness hospitalization, isolation, personal distance and in several case death. This Invisible enemy they call unidentified virus has made it’s base all over the world. It has no U.N. treaty or known modus operandi it makes it’s victim in open who do not maintain distance in public on its own whims and fancies we mortals are fond of giving tags & names hence we call it coronavirus also covid -19 as it was in Wuhan towards the end of 2019, when its fearful presence was discovered.

The need of the hour is to forego our need to intermingle, have get togethers and socialize but isolate with our respective families in our respective homes, minimizing our daily needs, forgetting about our Hurly burly life style.

Perhaps we are learning new lessons of humility and looking inwards than outwards. Becoming more hygiene conscious, building immune system and resorting to simple life style no more movie theaters, buying spress, malls, Dining out window shopping & party hopping Stay safe & indoors if you to survive.

The wheels of economic and social progress and travel are suddenly Jammad. Testing times for us remind us to lead not luxurious but simple life style. This has been a wake up call for the humanity at large all over the Globe.

May be this is Nature’s wrath to teach us how much we have exploited mother Earth. To quote Gandhi ji ‘God has given us enough for our need but not for our greed. Our greed brought us Global warming, Glaciers melt down, deforestation. Polluted rivers and lakes and extinguishing species of animals and birds.

To give you gist of Revesed writer Munshi Premchand, famous lines –When we slap or beat the child he always knows why he is being punished or victimized but when the Almighty God spares his rod there is no sound of his whip, no clear reason only outcome of our accrued ‘Karmas’. We have misused natural resources to the hilt without sensitivity ___ Now is the time for wake up call, make a mends This pandemic has brought a clear message, worship mother Earth do not plunder it.

Perhaps this will answer online Nursery admission Queries from one of the best Nursery School of Noida on Phone ‘Ma’am’ when can I come to school?

I wish to play with my friends.

Penned by Dr. Seema Bhandari
Electronically Wired

Electronically Wired

The world seems to have come to an unprecedented standstill. This pandemic has challenged us in all spheres. The only way out is to protect our children especially the school going ones from mental incoherence as none of us are doing the routine things of work, school, office, entertainment and leisure activities

To keep the mental stimulation going, learning should remain uninterrupted. With this in mind reputed schools on expressway Noida right from Nursery, Primary, Middle Secondary and Senior Secondary sections embarked upon plans to engage whole school i.e., students, teachers & administrative staff alike in fruitfully engaging the minds for learning & occupying mentors mind in devising new ways to impart lessons through ‘Online Classes’ using digital, media, WhatsApp and hence creating waves in new method & approach in educational scenario. So much so that lots of efforts are being directed towards skill enhancement as per the child’s interest and inclination. This engagement of mind is proving to be a boon to keep away children from indolence and minds are occupied with honing up skill after skill keeping at Bay the ‘Fear’ syndrome.

The more you stay inside the more you connect inwards, for long, civilization was outwards bound. May be this is an opportunity given by the almighty to be more aware and involved of our surroundings.

JBM Global School on Expressway Noida is trail blazer to show that social distancing does not mean routine distancing as classes start in the morning and children are engaged in their work through the day.

Teachers have also learnt the art of donning many hats between managing household chores in absence of house help, managing administrative and academic responsibilities and what a worthy dignified profession we are in that impacts so many minds.

I particularly remember having read a very positive thought.



Till then stay safe, stay indoors and be a Corona warrior. Keep learning and evolving.

Let us hope we will soon hear laughter in the school corridors and not get glued to cellphone & computer screens which have become new normal.