Read 2 Achieve

The world has drastically transformed into a disruptive and distracting one as never imagined by any one of us. The advancement in technology, communication and computers has made this possible as it has much more information than we can handle, which in turn is affecting us in many ways. There is tremendous pressure on students  because of the overloaded information leading to less attention span, ability to think and analyze. 

The digital world is pacing with new innovations, opinions and ideas breaking the existing norms. Internet, Cell phones, Gaming apps, Television are taking the valuable time without providing any retainable knowledge and information.

This is where creativity and imagination plays foremost role in students’ lives and to get creative minds, books act as vehicles of knowledge, wisdom and best companions.

From the very moment students start schooling, they are taught the fundamentals of reading. Starting from recognition of alphabets, to the unique sound that each letter makes till they can read words and full sentences. And even before they realize, they start reading everything from posters to what is printed on cereal boxes.

In this overloaded environment of technology, reading helps students to understand and feel understood. The more they read, it’s easy to understand the world around them. Reading helps to discover life beyond what they already know.    

 Books are years of analysis and exploration that not only augments one’s awareness and intelligence but also adds to one’s learning, observation and wisdom. Thus, one must be able to extract the essence of the book.

Warren Buffet, one of the most successful people in the business world advises everyone to read more and more.

 As the quote says, “If you wish to renew our mind, READ”.

 Reading books give plenty of joy to students as they not only learn from books but also are inspired to work hard with courage and hope.  It takes them to a unique world of imagination, enriches their experience and sharpens their intellect. Reading has benefits reaching beyond just gaining knowledge, but also improving the quality of life.

Getting your hands on a few books can be a great experience in a few stunning ways:

  1. Become better communicators
    Improvement in communication skills can be noticed as books improve our vocabulary. We can easily express our thoughts and ideas as reading enhances our language skills and develops fluency.

    2. Learn more about yourself
    Reading helps you understand your own thoughts and reasoning as you become more in tune with yourself.

    3. Become more focused
    Relieving stress by reading books naturally helps to focus more. Be it the improvement in academic performance or learning more in less time.  Reading helps to slow down and focus more in this digital era, where our minds are constantly bombarded with new information in every bit of time.

    4. Reduce stress
    Reading books magically reduces stress as it provides a sense of relaxation much deeper than walking or listening to music. With books, it is easy to escape the anxiety and stress of everyday life as it takes you to a creative and imaginary world.

    5. Develop Analytical Skills
    Reading books improve one’s ability to think and helps in understanding different situations. It not only boosts the confidence, but also makes one compassionate and humble.

    6. Educate Yourself
    Getting the right book with useful information helps one become smarter, sharper and more skilled. Books teach us how things work, understand different people and their culture, learn new languages comprehend the history of things and how to improve ourselves.

    7. Enjoy more for less   
    Reading books can make one experience all the emotions in the world from crying, laughing, getting angry, feeling guilty to envy. It is an inexpensive way to experience new things, travel to distant places and relive some of the biggest events.

We are in a digital world and it’s not going away but it’s important to explore what’s being lost as well as gained. Technology, computers and Internet are the fastest in today’s world but books allow you to slow down, internalize, respond and transform.   

 JBM Global School, one of the best schools in Noida has always motivated its students to read more by making them read books of different genres, culture and topics of their choice regularly, share the book reviews and information related to them as a book in itself is comprehensive, specific and complete. Reading makes students wise, humble and more imaginative.

With the quote,” The most technologically efficient machine that man has ever invented in the book”, JBM recommends every student to open a book and read it and you will find that you have wings to fly with.              

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