inexhaustible joy

The Inexhaustible Joy

The thing of beauty is a joy forever! Well written by John Keats. But has one ever thought from where this joy comes? Is it like a magical spell showed only on a couple of people or is it a tendency to hide their stress using the disguise of joy. Well, many wise men have said a lot on how to derive joy in life.

Since ages, our society is after the answer to this question. Are we really happy? What we can say is that happiness doesn’t come all of a sudden; it has its roots somewhere in our self. Teacher and students of one of the best school on Noida Expressway come up with their analysis that, happiness is not linked to an individual but of course,

it is of cosmic importance and shows its footsteps in many reasons behind it. What should be the motto of civilization? It must be happiness. Its pursuit must be the central theme of every concept, perspective, project, art, every philosophy, plan, policy, law and governance.
Happiness would welcome peace and beauty in a civilization. But do you think that happiness is always welcomed and would lead to the development of a happy civilization? When talking about joy or happiness we must first have a glimpse of beauty in actual terms ‘beauty of the soul’ the one that has inner beauty has happiness and has the power of spreading happiness in this whole universe.

Being one of the best schools in Noida, we enable our students to understand that – without beauty, we would simply shrink and wither away. But we also, at the same time, we should not forget the disastrous face of the beauty of Helen of thousands of ships to battle and resulted in the great Trojan War. So, the joy of beauty or beauty of joy should be handled carefully. So, beauty is the need of the soul, for it is a source of joy.

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