Morality during the Cyber Age: A Reality or a Hoax

Reminiscing the days, when we witnessed cordless phones, pagers weren’t very easy for us. In today’s advanced age of technology, where we are surrounded by countless e-devices, when we look back to a period of time where having a computer was considered a luxury and we had ample time to spend with our friends and family which is quite impossible in today’s busy digital world. Kids today are engrossed in their e-devices and seldom spare some of their time to spend with their family which is a worrying issue and this is only the beginning of the new cyber age where it becomes imperative to keep close contact with our moral values. The cyber age no doubt has many benefits: it can connect many people across the globe and can link society together through technology. Even after such advancements we should remember that there are two sides of a coin. Thus it is important to think about the repercussions of the cyber age. We need to understand that children have become lazier and insensitive by continuously watching television shows which are not meant for them and are a showcase of violence and moral insensitivity. Presence of these types of shows and misuse of internet has led to such a scenario. Children should realize that excessive use of e-devices is creating a barrier between them and their parents which has again led to a feeling of alienation in the cyber age. In this situation the parents have to intervene and give proper guidance to their children to preserve their time and to keep them away from the negative impact of this age.

The internet contains a vast array of knowledge yet it can never replace a teacher. A teacher can assess a student’s progress and can enlighten the path towards success which cannot be done by the internet in any case.

Children must realize that these times are dire and the country is facing multiple challenges because of COVID-19. In these trying times, to maintain continuity in studies and not to affect the academic calendar, we have started online classes. We have seen positive behavioural changes in the mindset of parents towards online learning as they see their kids benefitting from it. However in a handful of cases, it is quite disheartening to see the inappropriate demeanour of the children towards their teachers during online classes. Upon viewing such insensitive behaviour of children all of us must be gripped with shock due to the insensitivity and disrespect of the students towards their teachers. Which path are these kids following? It is not the kind of path which any school or any parent will teach them; this is just a bi-product of cyber age. Students must respect and must reciprocate the attitude of their teacher towards them, they need to give them respect and listen to them carefully while they are teaching. Parents should make their children realize the role of a teacher in shaping their character no matter, the amount of money a child earns in his life, it is the character which is a deciding factor in his/her success.

The delinquent behaviour of the children is a matter of concern. There are frequent instances of cyber bullying and cyber-crime which have made the children an easy target. Also in the cyber age, they have become increasingly rebellious and outrageous. Tackling this is tough but not impossible. Childs’ mind is like raw clay, mold them properly and you will get a masterpiece. Similarly there is a need to instill some moral values and to educate them on subjects regarding cyber safety to lessen their contacts with strangers which can progressively decrease the number of children falling prey to cyber-crime. Artificial intelligence sessions are being held in schools which can give the students a better insight of exploring the internet and to maintain their safety.

The biggest disadvantage of this cyber age is that the creativity of the students has hindered and gone down drastically. Hard work and creativity are the two pillars of success, which the students are not able to strengthen in this cyber age. All the answers are just a click away from them and hence they do not tend to think on the work given to them.

Schools in Noida on Expressway nurture creativity amongst students, give them different situations to ponder upon and build confidence. Our schools believe that these qualities must be nurtured to bring out the vivid ideas and thoughts of each individual student.

True heights of moral character can only be built on a strong foundation of discipline and integrity. It is necessary that students see discipline as a way of improving their personality rather than a shackle and it must not be equated to incarceration. This will nullify negative emotions and will enhance willpower which will lead to success.

To conclude, no matter how advanced our human race becomes technologically, we must always remember our moral responsibilities and the power of human thinking which will always be the deciding factor of success in our life.

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