the invisible enemy

The Invisible Enemy

We are all in the Battle field because presently the whole world is at war. This is the Battle ground where there are no tanks, fighter planes or missiles, We do not have forces of Navy, Air Force, Army or BSF to protect us. There is no question of cease fire because there is no peace talk or mutual differences to be sorted, This is unique wartime without and Beyond borders of the countries.

The think tank of school at Expressway Noida are of the opinion that Invaders who invaded us are devoid of Empathy and Sympathy. They encompass all the people from all state of society, countries towns and continents. The attackers are crippling us emotionally, physically, materially and financially. Unlike cruel Kings of history like Nadirshah, Mohd. Gauri, Ghazni & Allaudin Khilji. This enemy is not plundering us or looting us but is leading us to abyss of despair and fear.

‘Our invisible enemy’ as the students of senior secondary School at Noida term it is beyond compassion, caste and creed. The attackers does not care about religious beliefs, rich or poor, powerful or weak. They don’t have point to prove or their superiority yet they humble us as they attack us but we cannot see it. Menacingly effective this Invisible Corona in attacking us, people all over the world are shattered & it is responsible for sniffing out so many lives around the globe, till date we have not found any panacea, school near sector 137 Noida was first to report the first victim before the lockdown. 

The attackers have come with clear cut defined plan to unleash wrath and fear of death and turning the world into one big cemetery and crematorium and that too without using any Robotic, clone or sophisticated machinery. It is not emissary of any city or county but where it attacks it leaves behind trail of sickness hospitalization, isolation, personal distance and in several case death. This Invisible enemy they call unidentified virus has made it’s base all over the world. It has no U.N. treaty or known modus operandi it makes it’s victim in open who do not maintain distance in public on its own whims and fancies we mortals are fond of giving tags & names hence we call it coronavirus also covid -19 as it was in Wuhan towards the end of 2019, when its fearful presence was discovered.

The need of the hour is to forego our need to intermingle, have get togethers and socialize but isolate with our respective families in our respective homes, minimizing our daily needs, forgetting about our Hurly burly life style.

Perhaps we are learning new lessons of humility and looking inwards than outwards. Becoming more hygiene conscious, building immune system and resorting to simple life style no more movie theaters, buying spress, malls, Dining out window shopping & party hopping Stay safe & indoors if you to survive.

The wheels of economic and social progress and travel are suddenly Jammad. Testing times for us remind us to lead not luxurious but simple life style. This has been a wake up call for the humanity at large all over the Globe.

May be this is Nature’s wrath to teach us how much we have exploited mother Earth. To quote Gandhi ji ‘God has given us enough for our need but not for our greed. Our greed brought us Global warming, Glaciers melt down, deforestation. Polluted rivers and lakes and extinguishing species of animals and birds.

To give you gist of Revesed writer Munshi Premchand, famous lines –When we slap or beat the child he always knows why he is being punished or victimized but when the Almighty God spares his rod there is no sound of his whip, no clear reason only outcome of our accrued ‘Karmas’. We have misused natural resources to the hilt without sensitivity ___ Now is the time for wake up call, make a mends This pandemic has brought a clear message, worship mother Earth do not plunder it.

Perhaps this will answer online Nursery admission Queries from one of the best Nursery School of Noida on Phone ‘Ma’am’ when can I come to school?

I wish to play with my friends.

Penned by Dr. Seema Bhandari

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