Electronically Wired

Electronically Wired

The world seems to have come to an unprecedented standstill. This pandemic has challenged us in all spheres. The only way out is to protect our children especially the school going ones from mental incoherence as none of us are doing the routine things of work, school, office, entertainment and leisure activities

To keep the mental stimulation going, learning should remain uninterrupted. With this in mind reputed schools on expressway Noida right from Nursery, Primary, Middle Secondary and Senior Secondary sections embarked upon plans to engage whole school i.e., students, teachers & administrative staff alike in fruitfully engaging the minds for learning & occupying mentors mind in devising new ways to impart lessons through ‘Online Classes’ using digital, media, WhatsApp and hence creating waves in new method & approach in educational scenario. So much so that lots of efforts are being directed towards skill enhancement as per the child’s interest and inclination. This engagement of mind is proving to be a boon to keep away children from indolence and minds are occupied with honing up skill after skill keeping at Bay the ‘Fear’ syndrome.

The more you stay inside the more you connect inwards, for long, civilization was outwards bound. May be this is an opportunity given by the almighty to be more aware and involved of our surroundings.

JBM Global School on Expressway Noida is trail blazer to show that social distancing does not mean routine distancing as classes start in the morning and children are engaged in their work through the day.

Teachers have also learnt the art of donning many hats between managing household chores in absence of house help, managing administrative and academic responsibilities and what a worthy dignified profession we are in that impacts so many minds.

I particularly remember having read a very positive thought.



Till then stay safe, stay indoors and be a Corona warrior. Keep learning and evolving.

Let us hope we will soon hear laughter in the school corridors and not get glued to cellphone & computer screens which have become new normal.

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