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How we have defiled our holy life-sustaining rivers

How we have defiled our holy life sustaining rivers

Water is of special significance in Hinduism, not only for its life-sustaining properties, but also because of its use in rituals.

Ganga is a life- line, a symbol of purity and virtue for countless people of India. It is a representative of all other rivers in India. We Indians are raised to consider Ganga as a goddess, as sacred. Countless rituals are associated with holy Ganga and we believe that Ganga is a cleanser par excellence proves that Ganga has a status of a deity. Hundreds of verse has been used to extol her glory and goddess.

Over the years, the river Ganga served millions of people, but now it has been subjected to tremendous pressures. Most of its water is diverted into canals; untreated sewage and     industrial effluents are dumped into the river at numerous places and the residues of pesticides and insecticides used in the forms are washed into it.

Even the sacred Ganga cannot withstand the onslaught of contemporary resource use and remain eternally pure. The recognition that people can, and must, make a difference in the quality of the region where they live has the potential not only to save the rivers of the Ganga drainage, but to empower the people living along the banks of these rivers and relying on river water for life itself. The Present situation of Ganga, already one of alarming proportions has been further aggravated by deforestation resulting in silting, floods and reduced navigational possibilities.

Good schools in Noida Expressway celebrates GREENOFEST from a decade now, to spread awareness among children to protect our sacred Rivers. Our children know that it’s not a one-day thing but should be practised daily to develop a habit.

No river evokes such feelings in the human mind as the Ganga does.

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