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Monkey Mind: The Fourth Monkey to control mind

Monkey Mind – The Fourth Monkey to control mind

We have different expectations in today’s world and new needs to achieve a sense of well-being and contentment. A disturbing paradox of modern life, however, is that while we have increasing numbers of gadgets and technologies supposedly designed to give us freedom and independence, at the same time we are discovering that we have less and less control over numerous aspects of our lives. I believe we need to address this very consciously. The more aware we make ourselves of our stress factors, the more we can alter our behaviours and internal responses, both psychologically and attitudinally, so that they do not damage our health. We are confronted daily by anger due to the increasing lack of control which, if it has no outlet or is not handled in the right way, can lead to a range of health problems including: high blood pressure, digestive disorders, irritable bowel syndrome, duodenal ulcers, disordered breathing patterns or panic attacks: these are all manifestations of inner tensions.

Students of one of the good schools of Noida, JBM Global School, come up with many ways of altering our attitudinal approach, so as not to damage our health. It is better to learn how to take remote control of these responses so that you can choose to react in a way that is best for your health and well-being both mentally and physically.

Acceptance: – When you absolutely cannot control a situation, the best in healthiest way to going to practice acceptance. There is no point resisting something that you cannot change, like a traffic jam, a delayed plane or train: is just winds you up and wastes your energy. Acceptance is not resignation; it is the recognition of reality, not denying that something is as it is. When you are relaxed you are more in harmony with yourself and you can connect freely with your creativity and innovation.

Make a positive decision:- The way to feel in control is in making decisions. When we make the right decisions we feel in control, not perhaps of the situation or circumstances, but of ourselves and our actions. Sometimes that is the only control we can have. We can also decide to put ourselves into more conditions where we can exercise control. To balance out the areas where we have little or no power. Schools on Noida Expressway focus more on physical exercises and games because, making decision could be in leisure-time activities like sports where we can control our performance or in creative activities and hobbies, which give greater scope for controlling our timetables, expressing our individuality and the way we set about tasks.

Teachers always guide us to improve in life, being in the list of top 10 schools in Noida, JBM Global School works on the very simple methodology that  “It is extremely important to remember that we always have an option of taking control of ourselves of our actions and reactions as well as our inner attitudes.” 

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