Teacher’s Day


These are challenging times for education as we have many options to gain knowledge. The public holds schools and teachers more accountable for students’ learning. Some of our most influential and life-changing role models are our teachers. Teachers guide a student through each pivotal stage of development. From six to eight hours a day, six days a week, teachers are one of the most influential persons in the students’ life. We think of the teachers taught us academics but we don’t often think of those teachers who taught us life’s lessons. The influence of a teacher is immense and no one knows when this influence can bring a tremendous change in someone’s life.

A role model is, therefore, one who has some distinguished qualities of head and heart which the child gets impressed by. Our Cambridge and CBSE board school in Noida – JBM Global School’s students believe that it won’t be an exaggeration, saying that teachers are the foundation stone of the skyscraper of our society.

Quality list for a teacher is endless if we ask students of schools on Noida Expressway:- A good personality, deep knowledge and a great educator, a good communicator, a good listener, a good sense of humour, kindness, warm, accessible, enthusiastic and caring towards students. A teacher is a person who respects their students and at the same time scolds them for their mistakes too.

Teachers having all these qualities will not only be a role model but he or she will become more than that. First, are our parents and second are our teachers. Teachers help us to touch the clouds and colours of life. They make us so hard working that our life becomes successful. The great person has rightly said, “A teacher introduces us to a new vision of life.”  Hence, students should respect their teachers because teachers are our role models.

A beautiful Poem dedicated to all our JBM GLOBAL Family’s teachers and all our beloved teachers in the world :-

Our teachers are enlightened souls

Preparing our future is their goals

To me, they are more like father and mother 

They are better than any other

They work so hard day and night 

They will make our future bright

They take life as a happy song 

Their ideas are very strong.

Just like angels sent from above 

They give us unconditional love

Many times they have to scold 

But that is because they want us to be bold

They help us mould attitude 

Our hearts are full of gratitude.

Teachers are like real Potter’s who not only give our life a shape but also unable to lit like a lamp forever after dispelling the darkness from all across the world. So, our nation can be enlightened with lots of bright lamps. Therefore, the nation pays homage and respect to all teachers in the country. We can give nothing our teachers in written to their great jobs however we should respect them always and say thanks. We should take a pledge to heartily respect and honour our teachers in our daily lives as without a good teacher we all are incomplete in this world.

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