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May 4, 2023

Transformation of Passion into Profession – Class IX-XII

 Transformation of Passion into Profession Class IX – XII “Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all” -Aristotle A motivational workshop on […]
May 2, 2023

JBMMUN 3.0 – 2023

JBMMUN 3.0 – 2023 The Mock United Nations is a platform to encourage political thought and challenges amongst the students all over the world. JBM Global […]
April 25, 2023

Annual Day Celebration – Dharohar- the Legacy – 2023-24

Annual Day Celebration – Dharohar The Legacy – 2023-24 JBM Global School, Greater Noida, celebrated its grand Annual Day on 18 March, 2023 marking 50 years […]
April 24, 2023

Sally Ride EarthKAM April 2023 Mission Report

Sally Ride EarthKAM April 2023 Mission Report JBM Global School, Noida ABOUT THE PROGRAMME: Sally Ride EarthKAM is a NASA sponsored project. EarthKAM means Earth Knowledge […]
April 7, 2023

JBM Orientation Report 2023-24

JBM Orientation Report 2023-24 “The best way to get things done is to simply begin!” Orientation is an opportunity for the new parents and students to […]
April 7, 2023

Graduation day for kindergarten children 2023-24

Graduation Day for Kindergarten Children 2023-24 Graduation day for kindergarten children was a special occasion filled with excitement , pride and touch of nostalgia Parents ,grandparents […]
April 4, 2023

Scholar Badge Ceremony

Scholar Badge Ceremony “It’s your response to winning and losing that makes you a winner or a loser” JBM Global School organised Scholar Badge Ceremony for […]
March 24, 2023

Scholar Badge Ceremony – Grade VI to VIII

Scholar Badge Ceremony – Grade VI to VIII JBM GLOBAL SCHOOL, Noida celebrated scholar badge ceremony for grade VI-VIII on 22nd March 2023 with great enthusiasm. The […]
March 22, 2023

Scholar Badge Ceremony – Grade IX and XI

Scholar Badge Ceremony – Grade IX and XI ‘Great works are achieved not only by strength but perseverance’ Scholar badge ceremony of JBM Global School, Noida was […]